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سروده ای از صوفی عشقری : ز خامی عشق ناميدم هوس را

‫‫‫‫‫ ‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫ ‫ز خامی عشق ناميدم هوس را‬ ‫ز نادانی هما گفتم مگس را‬ ‫زنفس خود نمی بينی گزندی‬ ‫اگر بندی به پوز سگ مرس را‬ ‫خوش آنانيكه زين زندان برستند‬ ‫پريدند و شكستند اين قفس را‬ ‫بخانمان دنيا دل ...

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Petya Dubarova biography

  Petya Dubarova biography Petya Dubarova was born on April 25, 1962. She studied in the English-language high school in the seaside city of Burgas. She committed suicide, not yet 17, on December 4, 1979. She wrote poetry from a ...

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My Old Age by Abdul Wahab

  My Old Age Crawled back my haggard old age Into a jubilant youth of a man Just past late midnight and asked me What was the wrong did you do? Being baffled and confused I remained silent And kept ...

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