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Salt is a mineral that consists mostly of sodium chloride (NACl). It is an essential nutrient for animals, yet it is toxic to most plants. In hernovel Tongue, author Kyung Ran Jo recounts  this legend about salt: “A long time ...

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خورشت آلو اسفناج

با تشکر از خانم واحدی که طرز پخت این غذا را در اختیارمان گذاشته اند خورشت آلو اسفناج مواد لازم گوشت گوسفند :                             700 گرم اسفناج خرد شده :                       ...

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Spanish Omelet – Tortilla Espanola

With special thanks to Margarita , who shared this subject with us . It is also called “tortilla de patata” or potato omelet. Fortunately, the Spanish omelet or tortilla espanola, like most Spanish cuisine does not require fancy equipment to prepare ...

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Lemon Maple Squash

With special thanks to Margarita , who shared this subject with us .  Directions Slice 4 pounds butternut or calabaza squash into thick wedges and remove the seeds. Place cut-side up in a baking dish. Combine 1/3 cup maple syrup, ...

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Prajitura tavalita in nuca de cocos

Prajitura cu nuca de cocos, este una din prajiturile mele preferate.  Si n-am mai facut-o de o gramada de timp. Mi-e pofta de ea de vreo jumate de an! Zilele astea n-am mai rezistat si am facut-o.   Ingrediente: pentru ...

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سالاد ماکارونی

طرز تهیه سالاد ماکارونی مواد لازم ماکارونی شکل دار  :                                    700 گرم ژامبون گوشت یا مرغ :             ...

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