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The Flash by Abdul Wahab

The Flash Everything seems to be meaningless The beauty you hold one day it fades away The house you build crumbles down anyway Money and power men accumulate in hands Fingers have gaps and those have wings Both either slip ...

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A poem by Oscar Wilde: Panthea

  Panthea   NAY, let us walk from fire unto fire, From passionate pain to deadlier delight,– I am too young to live without desire, Too young art thou to waste this summer night Asking those idle questions which of ...

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A poem by Emma Lazarus: Afternoon

  Afternoon   Small, shapeless drifts of cloud Sail slowly northward in the soft-hued sky, With blur half-tints and rolling summits bright, By the late sun caressed; slight hazes shroud All things afar; shineth each leaf anigh With its own ...

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Purpose by Abdul Wahab

Purpose   To know each other and to reveal the secrets To make the designer familiar with us By his own wish and by his own design The machine that is created with a scheme By reading the plot in ...

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