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Young Man by Abdul Wahab

Young Man   We are born Then quickly become child Sweetie, lovely and cute Hand to hand Lap to lap Laughing, playing and crying In joy, sorrow and in fear That too passed with a sweep And without hurdle crossed ...

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A Poem by Anne Bronte: Self Communion

Self Communion ‘The mist is resting on the hill; The smoke is hanging in the air; The very clouds are standing still: A breathless calm broods everywhere. Thou pilgrim through this vale of tears, Thou, too, a little moment cease ...

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A poem by Emma Lazarus: Bar Kochba

Bar Kochba Weep, Israel! your tardy meed outpour Of grateful homage on his fallen head, That never coronal of triumph wore, Untombed, dishonored, and unchapleted. If Victory makes the hero, raw Success The stamp of virtue, unremembered Be then the ...

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