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A Poem by Billy Collins: Flames

  Flames Smokey the Bear heads into the autumn woods with a red can of gasoline and a box of wooden matches. His ranger’s hat is cocked at a disturbing angle. His brown fur gleams under the high sun as ...

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Tuition Teacher by Abdul Wahab

  Tuition Teacher   His name his Sukhendu, my tuition teacher of high school Fair skinned and medium in height whose surname to mention here is Unnecessary, he is extremely thin, seemed to me he was suffering From malnutrition but ...

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A poem by William Wordsworth: Dion

  Dion . See Plutarch. Serene, and fitted to embrace, Where’er he turned, a swan-like grace Of haughtiness without pretence, And to unfold a still magnificence, Was princely Dion, in the power And beauty of his happier hour. And what ...

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A Poem by Vili Ro: ЕСЕНЕН СВЯТ

  ЕСЕНЕН СВЯТ Кехлибарена есен Реши руси брези. От площада небесен непорочни сълзи леят алено лека топлост, с крехкост на мак и в тъгата ми мека влиза слънцето пак. Вятър сладко целува тези руси брези. Ревност в мен ли изплува? ...

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