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A Poem By Ronald N. Ramseur: Silence

Silence The stillness peaceful undisturbed moment But it also lonely without companionship I’ll live and I can improvise my needs Yet there is nothing like what was when you were Something will be and then not But you will remain ...

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Aleksandr Kuprin biography

  Aleksandr Kuprin biography August 26, 1870 – August 25, 1938 Aleksandr Kuprin was born on 26 August 1870 in the provincial town of Narovchat, in Penza Province in southern Russia. The only son to survive in a family otherwise ...

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A Poem By Petya Dubarova: Mood

Mood The whole sky stumbled on a cloud, And tumbled like a temple dome. Then like a plane, it shrieked, it shouted. And I saw, angered again and dumb, The night rain, lean to kick The clipped off border of ...

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