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Foiling cyberattackers with rerandomization

The team working on a robust rerandomization technique for protecting networks from cyberattacks includes: (left to right) James Landry, David Bigelow, Hamed Okhravi, William Streilein, and Robert Rudd. Photo: Glen Cooper Click for a full size image   Foiling cyberattackers ...

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Mobile-money services lift Kenyans out of poverty

A new study estimates that, since 2008, access to mobile-money services — which allow users to store and exchange monetary values via mobile phone — increased daily per capita consumption levels of 194,000, or roughly 2 percent, of Kenyan households, ...

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Making human beta cells reproduce

  Making human beta cells reproduce by Leslie Sedgeman A hallmark of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is loss of insulin-producing cells (beta cells) within the pancreatic islet. Therefore, restoring normal beta cell mass by identifying molecules (mitogens) capable ...

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Protein Disrupts Infectious Biofilms

Crystal structure of the PodA protein complex with three molecules of 1-hydroxyphenazine, the reaction product, bound in the active sites. Credit: Kyle Costa/Caltech Click for a full size image   Protein Disrupts Infectious Biofilms Many infectious pathogens are difficult to ...

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