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A new mode of DNA repair

  A new mode of DNA repair by Leigh MacMillan DNA repair enzymes protect the genome from mutations that can lead to disease. Repair enzymes called DNA glycosylases were recently found to repair DNA interstrand cross-links (ICLs), highly toxic lesions ...

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Black Silicon Prevents Eye Implant from Gumming Up

Artist’s depiction of an ocular implant. Credit: Lee, Jeong Oen, Vinayak Narasimhan, Juan Du, David W. Sretavan, and Hyuck Choo: “Black-Silicon as a Biocompatible Anti-Reflection Coating for Medical Implants: First Demonstrated Use in In vivo Optical Intraocular Pressure Sensing.” Advanced ...

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Fighting fungal infections

Image: iStock Click for a full size image   Fighting fungal infections by Leigh MacMillan The fungal pathogen Candida albicans causes diseases ranging from topical infections such as athlete’s foot and oral thrush to life-threatening systemic infections. Increasing incidence of ...

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