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A 20-cent blood centrifuge

Inspired by a toy, Stanford bioengineers have developed an inexpensive, human-powered blood centrifuge that will enable precise diagnosis and treatment of diseases like malaria, African sleeping sickness and tuberculosis in the poor, off-the-grid regions where these diseases are most prevalent. ...

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Searching For a Solution to Blindness

  Searching For a Solution to Blindness How Texas A&M researchers are working to solve diabetes-related vision loss When most people consider how vision works, they think of light and optics and how nerves transmit that information to the brain. ...

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Meet Your Newest Organ: The Mesentery

J. Calvin Coffey holds up a model of the mesentery (Alan Place/University of Limerick) Click for a full size image   Meet Your Newest Organ: The Mesentery Scientists are calling for an upgrade in classification of this vital gut membrane ...

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Action on child myopia ‘essential’

  Action on child myopia ‘essential’ By Cai Wenjun Myopia is a widespread and increasing problem for Shanghai’s schoolchildren. More than half the city’s 10-year-olds suffer from it, 70 to 80 percent of students in middle schools do so, and ...

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Midgut neuroendocrine tumor prognosis

iStock Midgut neuroendocrine tumor prognosis by Leigh MacMillan Patients with small intestine neuroendocrine tumors often have mesenteric tumor deposits (MTDs) in the abdomen – discrete tumor nodules that are not connected to the primary tumor. The clinical significance of these ...

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New Sight for Sore Eyes

Top: Yu-Chong Tai; Bottom: Hyuck Choo Credit: Vicki Chiu/EAS Communications Office Caltech Click for a full size image   New Sight for Sore Eyes Eyes, fragile but crucial for human and almost all other animal life, pose difficult challenges, both ...

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