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Dementia linked to diet

  Dementia linked to diet by Leslie Sedgeman There is a strong, bi-directional link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Fiona Harrison, Ph.D., and colleagues tested whether the effects of obesity on diabetic status and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease are ...

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The Virus in the Cupboard

Each of us is host to hundreds or thousands of kinds of viruses, which come in an almost infinite variety of shapes. Some of your viruses are just visiting and will be gone in a week, but most are permanent ...

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Brain dopamine factory

Click for a full size image   Brain dopamine factory By implanting dopamine-producing cells in the brain, patients may regulate their own dopamine level. Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy affect thousands of Europeans each year, placing a heavy burden on healthcare ...

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WHO calls for earlier cancer diagnosis

Click for a full size image   WHO calls for earlier cancer diagnosis February 4, 2017 LATE diagnosis of cancer leads to millions of people enduring needless suffering and premature death, and efforts to catch the disease earlier must be ...

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Bacterial signaling systems

Bacteria respond to their environments – to ensure their own survival and proliferation – using two-component systems (TCSs). These systems consist of a bacterial receptor and a response regulator that changes bacterial behavior by modifying gene expression. Most bacterial receptors ...

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