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Brain WavesWhen Rocket Science Meets X-ray Science

Francesco Panerai of Analytical Mechanical Associates Inc., a materials scientist leading a series of X-ray experiments at Berkeley Lab for NASA Ames Research Center, discusses a 3-D visualization (shown on screens) of a heat shield material’s microscopic structure in simulated ...

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The metal that appeared from nowhere

There is more lithium present than the Big Bang created (Credit: Siloto/Alamy) Click for a full size image   The metal that appeared from nowhere A mysterious cosmic factory is producing lithium. Scientists are now getting closer at finding out ...

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Self-made stars

This composite image shows powerful radio jets from the supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy in the Phoenix Cluster inflating huge “bubbles” in the hot, ionized gas surrounding the galaxy. The cavities inside the blue region were ...

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An Ice World…With an Ocean?

A dramatic plume sprays water ice and vapor from the south polar region of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Cassini’s first hint of this plume came during the spacecraft’s first close flyby of the icy moon on February 17, 2005. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space ...

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Supernova spotted shortly after explosion

BRIGHT AND EARLY Scientists caught an early glimpse of an exploding star in the galaxy NGC7610 (shown before the supernova). Light from the explosion revealed that gas (orange) surrounded the star, indicating that the star spurted out gas in advance ...

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Surveying the Scenery 90 Million Miles From Earth

An artist’s rendering of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s survey pattern during its Earth-Trojan asteroid search (not to scale). The search occurs Feb. 9-20 as the spacecraft transits the Earth’s L4 Lagrangian region. (Illustration: Heather Roper/UA) Click for a full size image ...

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