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The First Sighting of a Black Hole

One of the best views of the galactic center combines images from the Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes. An artist’s concept depicts the likely black hole within. (NASA/ESA/SSC/CXC/STSCL) Click for a full size image   The First Sighting of ...

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New Planet Imager Delivers First Science

The vortex mask shown at left is made out of synthetic diamond. Viewed with an scanning electron microscope, right, the “vortex” microstructure of the mask is revealed. Image credit: University of Liège/Uppsala University Click for a full size image   ...

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A New Test for Life on Other Planets

Mono Lake, California, with salt pillars known as “tufas” visible. JPL scientists tested new methods for detecting chemical signatures of life in the salty waters here, believing them to be analogs for water on Mars or ocean worlds like Europa. ...

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Galaxy Murder Mystery

  Galaxy Murder Mystery It’s the big astrophysical whodunnit. Across the Universe, galaxies are being killed and the question scientists want answered is, what’s killing them? New research published today by a global team of researchers, based at the International ...

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Our Place in Space to launch in Venice

This beautiful artwork is the logo for the travelling Hubble exhibition Our Place in Space. Credit:ESA/Hubble, NASA, Pam Jeffries Click for a full size image   Our Place in Space to launch in Venice Astronomy and art combine in a ...

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