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Rivers on three worlds tell different tales

Left to right: River networks on Mars, Earth, and Titan. Researchers report that Titan, like Mars but unlike Earth, has not undergone any active plate tectonics in its recent past. Image: Benjamin Black/NASA/Visible Earth/JPL/Cassini RADAR team. Adapted from images from ...

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Film Premiere – ‘To The Rescue’

Artist’s illustration of an astronaut fixing the Hubble telescope during a space walk Click for a full size image   Film Premiere – ‘To The Rescue’ To the Rescue, a 60-minute documentary about JPL’s heroic struggles to save the Hubble ...

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Movie Shows Ceres at Opposition from Sun

Gif This movie is made of images taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, from a position exactly between the sun and Ceres’ surface.   Movie Shows Ceres at Opposition from Sun NASA’s Dawn spacecraft successfully observed Ceres at opposition on April ...

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