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Abdul Wahab

Spark by Abdul Wahab

  Spark Cannot be died as a teacher It is not for the fact that a teacher does not die Yet he should not die before he gets recognition From the Hall of fame Or from the office of certification ...

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Inference by Abdul Wahab

  Inference One fine late midnight coils back the whole universe And asks me in eager voice, what is the source of the race of man? In sotto voice i whisper in his ears that it is God who created ...

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My Old Age by Abdul Wahab

  My Old Age Crawled back my haggard old age Into a jubilant youth of a man Just past late midnight and asked me What was the wrong did you do? Being baffled and confused I remained silent And kept ...

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Unpleasant News by Abdul Wahab

Unpleasant News At a same time Same place The Opposite entities Can’t exists. Falsehood is in reality It is true. And the truest of all is that Truth can’t be false. Same time Same place Both can’t exist. Either truth ...

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