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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : گداخت جان که شود کار دل تمام و نشد



‫گداخت جان که شود کار دل تمام و نشد‬
‫بسوختيم در اين آرزوی خام و نشد‬
‫به لابه گفت شبی مير مجلس تو شوم‬
‫شدم به رغبت خويشش کمين غلام و نشد‬
‫پيام داد که خواهم نشست با رندان‬
‫بشد به رندی و دردی کشيم نام و نشد‬
‫بدان هوس که به مستی ببوسم آن لب لعل‬
‫چه خون که در دلم افتاد همچو جام و نشد‬
‫به کوی عشق منه بی دليل راه قدم‬
‫که من به خويش نمودم صد اهتمام و نشد‬
‫فغان که در طلب گنج نامه مقصود‬
‫شدم خراب جهانی ز غم تمام و نشد‬
‫دريغ و درد که در جست و جوی گنج حضور‬
‫بسی شدم به گدايی بر کرام و نشد‬
‫هزار حيله برانگيخت حافظ از سر فکر‬
‫در آن هوس که شود آن نگار رام و نشد‬

Hefez -b2

That my heart’s work should be ended, my soul melted; and it became not:
In this immature wish, I consumed; and it became not.
With reproach, the Chief of thy Assembly said to me: “One night, I go:”
According to his wish, I became the least of His slaves; and it became not.
He gave the message saying: “I will sit with profligates”
Reputation for profligacy and dreg-drinking became mine; and it became not.
In that desire that, in intoxication, I may kiss that ruby lip,
What blood it was that, into my heart like a cup, fell; and it became not.
In Love’s street, plant not thy foot without the road-guide;
For, I, of myself, made a hundred efforts; and it became not.
In search of the treasure-mandate of my purpose, justice! For,
I became one altogether ruined in the world; and it became not.
In search of the cash of the presence,
To the generous, much in beggary I wandered; and it became not..
Out of thought’s desire, Hafez evoked a thousand desires,
In the desire that that companion may become obedient to him; and it became not.


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